Parrot Vapors Flavors

If your tired of of the same old E-liquid, constant flavor changes, and bland boring taste, then you're in luck. Try the smoothest, fullest, and refreshing Max VG E-liquid line out there.

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About Us

When CEO Adam Cericola first conceived of what would later become Parrot Vapors, it was because he - like you - wanted the very best eliquid that could be had. But nothing worthwhile comes easily...

Us Today

For Parrot Vapors E-liquid wholesale inquiries or general information about the company, such as finding a retail or online store near you please contact us by clicking the link below.

Drip On My Friends

Established in 2013, Parrot Vapors was making Dripping Juice / E-liquids before dripping juice was a thing. Parrot Vapors E-liquids Max VG line bottles are labeled by color: Pink, Purple, Green, Navy, Turquoise, Orange and Peach.