Suorin I-Share Pod (3 Pack)

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f you want to explore the wide array of vape flavors that are designed for pod systems, the Suorin iShare Replacement Pods are what you need. These refillable pods allow you to seamlessly transition between flavors. The juices that are compatible with this type of device contain nicotine salts, providing you with smooth hits, maximum vapor production, and a satisfying nicotine buzz.

The Suorin iShare Replacement Pods each have a capacity of 0.9 milliliters of vape juice. Refilling these pods is a piece of cake thanks to their design. There's no risk of juice leaks or dry hits when you use these pods. The horizontal coil atomizer design ensures that each hit is consistently satisfying and full of flavor. The organic cotton that each coil allows for even juice saturation, ensuring that you won't experience any of those dreaded dry hits.

Once you fill the pod with juice, you can simply insert it back into your Suorin iShare device and enjoy delicious and consistent vaping for hours on end.